7 Popular Dog Breeds in USA And Why They Choose Them

7 Popular Dog Breeds in USA And Why They Choose Them

Dogs are becoming a common addition to several homes across the US. According to the ASPCA, there are between 70-80 million dogs in the US alone. That’s a whole lot of dogs, but who’s leading the pack when it comes to the top favorites and why they made the cut? The American Kennel Club publishes annual top dogs in America list, that highlights the most owned and preferred pets in the states. Did your four-legged friend make the cut? We’ll see! First in its Class for 25 years: Labrador Retrievers That’s right Labrador Retrievers top the charts and have been doing so for a quarter century. Their uniformed coat appears in 3 solid and distinctive colors, black, yellow, and chocolate! They fit well in almost any household. Labs are kind, gentle, sweet, energetic, intelligent, and ready to “get it!” Originally they were bred for hunting, retrieving their master’s game when the shots go off. Nowadays, they bring excitement and joy into the hearts of the young and old. Labs are also known for being excellent special needs service dogs.



Runner Up and Widely Utilized: German Shepherds The next top breed is commonly used in law enforcement and other emergency response professions, including the military. German Shepherds are highly intelligent, super loyal, and amazing companions. They have medium length coats and a medium build. Their high energy and outstanding gentle nature make them perfect guard dogs for families with small children. German Shepherds:


Bring Home Third with a Goofy Smile: Golden Retrievers Our next lovable fur-covered friend brings a smile that anyone would fall in love with. Prominently known for its large funny smile and beautiful golden coat, Golden Retrievers play will with nearly all households and other animals. They are most notable for their “fetch it” attitude, willing to run back and forth all day bringing back your tossed items. Perfect for kids, but just make sure you watch out for them. As their name says it all, they love to get stuff and that even means taking and hiding your unmentionables, so remember to put them up! ;) G. Retrievers:


Taking Fourth with Their Stocky Build: Bulldogs This next short-legged round fellow is known for its scrunched short mug. The Bulldog is stout, with a strong and vigorous appearance. Calm temperament makes this dog an excellent companion. It's prideful and courageous stance should not be mistaken for aggression or viciousness. Bulldogs are friendly and do not require lots of exercise, making them perfect for the busy-bee or less active family. Bulldogs:


Taking up the Fifth Spot with Long Ears: Beagles Beagles are notable known for their fowl and pheasant hunting. They were bred to aid hunters in retrieval, but their hearts are just as big as their long floppy ears. Super friendly, Beagles require lots of exercise since they are hunting dogs by nature. Without proper exercise, Beagles become those round butterballs that are seen with owners who live in city limits in apartments/condos. It’s recommended they have a fenced yard to play in. Non-fenced yards with only encourage their nose-following instinct to track down the smells that whiff across their snouts. With a beautiful stance, Beagles steal hearts with their prominently concerned and passionate facials. Beagles:


Sixth Place Goes to France: French Bulldog While you may not be able to tell by its toned-down face, French Bulldogs or Frenchies are more active than they are given credit for! While young their will chase balls and act goofy and as they mature they can become the ‘Couch Potato King,’ following in the footsteps of its larger breed the Bulldog. French Bulldogs are highly adaptable and can find common ground in most situations, making them a perfect pet for an all-around fur-buddy. French Bulldog:


Ending on Small and Cute at Seventh Place: Yorkshire Terrier These small cute ankle-biters made the list. They can be strong and vigorous or very diva-like and alarmed by noise. It all depends on the owners. Better known as Yorkies, they are often frowned upon for their attentiveness to alert the owner when they hear a noise, which could get annoying. However, they make it up with the cuddle-ability factor, wanting to snuggle and lay on laps and soft surfaces. From their little hitch-pitch yap all the way to their full-time attention loving, Yorkies can quickly melt the heart and find its way nestled beside you on the couch. Yorkie:


More than Man’s Best Friend The AKC updates their list every year, but the top positions have been relatively consistent and doesn’t change much. This is probably due to how adaptive, intelligent, and cute the top place competitors are. From Labs to Yorkies, there’s a dog for every family type. What’s your favorite dog breed?

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