Why You Should Go Reusable

Why You Should Go Reusable

Washable vs Disposable Dog Diapers & Training Pads

Here at Pet Magasin our focus is creating the best products for both you and your furry loved ones. Our reusable products aren't just high quality, they're also eco-friendly as well. Disposable diapers and training pads both add up in waste and costs with each use. 

Our products are formulated to last long and clean easily with just a machine wash so you can use it multiple times like it was new each time. Our diapers, wraps, and training pads are also a fashionable choice to typical disposable diapers that look more medical than a piece of clothing.

How to Use Reusable Dog Diapers and Pads

Using a reusable dog diapers and pad are both easy. As long as the measurements fit the sizing chart or space, make sure it is a tight but comfortable fit and replace as soon as the "accident" occurs to maintain a sanitary and healthy space for your pet. 

Both the diapers, wraps, and pads are perfect for any pet as long as they fit the sizing chart provided. 

Why use Diapers and Training Pads?

Having a few pairs of diapers or training pads are always good to keep on hand because it can be used for multiple circumstances. Be it for traveling or a upset stomach. Reusable incontinence products take up less space than disposable ones and can be used for multiple circumstances in the future. 

Puppies, older dogs, cats, and other pets may have troubles with incontinence. For these cases, diapers and training pads offer the perfect solution for these unfortunate problems. 

Female dogs can also go into heat or have postpartum conditions that results in uncontrollable discharge. Dog diapers offer a fashionable and comfortable solution that keeps your house clean. 

Where to Buy

For your convenience our incontinence products can be purchased through three different e-commerce websites.


Belly Bands:

Reusable Training Pads:

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