How to keep your dog happier with simple tricks

How to keep your dog happier with simple tricks

We all know the term “Man’s best friend”, it is used to describe dogs. It signifies the loyalty and obedience of dogs, particularly domesticated dogs that people have come to appreciate so much. Over the ages, dogs have become an essential part of human life since they play many roles in society. Companion, protector, police aid, guides for the elderly and handicapped are just a few of the roles that dogs play. Being such a helpful animal, they have to be taken care of. Otherwise, they will exhibit many undesired behaviors such as disobedience, biting, destroying public property etc. We must make sure that our dogs are happy. There are many tricks that can be applied to ensure a dog’s happiness.

Fleas. A huge bother for dogs and their owner’s alike are fleas. Fleas are small insects that come in contact with dogs through the environment or other animals and infest their whole body. They cause continuous itching in the spots that they bite. They also spread infection, causing many skin diseases and are a primary reason for a dog’s hair fall. Fleas can be treated in a number of ways. The most adopted way to get rid of fleas is using shampoo on the dogs. Using shampoo is very natural as they do not cause much harm or have many harmful chemicals. Using a flea removal shampoo when bathing a dog ensures that it will come out of the bath flea-free. Also, these shampoos are widely available in all markets and are very effective. A more immediate solution would be giving them pills. They almost have an instantaneous effect as they eradicate all the fleas on the dog’s body within hours.

Exercise is also very effective when it comes to keeping your dog happy. Other than the obvious health benefits it also helps your dog to burn the extra energy that it has. If dogs aren’t exercised properly they will behave in undesired ways such as destroying property, causing mischief, digging holes, running around the house etc. Dogs can be exercised in various ways. Most people choose to walk their dogs daily, it enables the dogs to burn off their extra energy healthily and also acts as an exercise for their owners. Other people go to the park and play fetch or drop them off at doggy day cares. The amount of exercise that is required differs from breed to breed.

Treats. Dogs love treats and giving them the perfect one ensures their happiness. Such as our wavy bacon & cheese strips which comes in a 3.5 pound tub, made with real bacon, real beef, and real cheese. It is sure to make your dog’s mouth water. It is a delicious treat that includes allover favorite bacon with a touch of cheese. Its not just yummy but also very healthy as it contains 15% nutritious protein and only 4% fat. Giving them the treat at the perfect time will result in calm and obedient behavior. This bacon & cheese strip can also be used to reinforce good behavior. For example, if a desired behavior is shown by the dog reward him with the treat and he will know that if he acts this way again he will get a delicious treat. Pet magasin wavy bacon & cheese strips has everything that a dog owner searches for in a treat and is very liked by their dogs. Any vet would recommend it because of its nutritious benefits. Giving treats to a dog is a surefire way into its heart.

These are a few simple tricks that could be applied to keep your dog happy. Treating fleas, exercising them and most importantly giving those treats at the correct time is vital to a dog’s happiness.

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