Great Strategies on How to Combat Your Pet's Bad Breath

Great Strategies on How to Combat Your Pet's Bad Breath

Getting close to your pet who is suffering from bad breath is one of the worst feelings. We love our furry little friends, but halitosis can make us back off from our pets and it’s not entirely their fault. Halitosis or bad breath can be caused by a number of things and may not be as simple as poor oral hygiene. Fortunately, there are helpful tips and methods that can cure your doggie’s dreadful breath. Here are some ways to battle that “stank-breath,” once and for all!

The Visual Aspect of Things

One of the most important things to keep in mind when determining the cause of your pet’s mind-melting breath is to give Fido a routine mouth inspection. Check for plaque build-up and discolorations of the gums and along the bottoms of the teeth. Practicing regular brushing will narrow down your search for the cause of halitosis in your pet!

Pay Attention to Your Pet’s Behavior

In addition, to looking for red, swollen, or bleeding gums, your pet’s behavior can provide you with some great tell-tell signs. Observe your pet’s eating habits to see if there are any changes in the way they are eating or chewing. This typically is a sign of tooth discomfort if you notice a change. Also, taking note of obsessive pawing at the face or mouth and habitual nose licking. These signs are subtle cues your pet is providing you with. After all, they can’t just open up and tell you what’s wrong with them. When your pet’s breath gets out of control—take action!

Preventative Care is the Best Care

According to the late Cesar Milan, the famous “Dog Whisper,” prevention outweighs treatment for several reasons. Getting into the habit of forming a routine hygiene cleaning for your pet is one of the best practices in controlling bad breath. If you are having to treat it bad breath, there could be underlining health issues that may require the attention of a vet. Regular brushings with a dog toothpaste (Human toothpaste can cause upset stomachs and irritation of the bowels), is important to do. Get into a routine and keep your pet’s breath as fresh as you want yours to be.

Effective Home Remedies from the Garden

When treats start to get expensive and your pooch’s breath is still staggeringly bad, heading to the garden might not be a bad option for you. If you’ve trained your dog to eat fresh, raw produce this step will benefit your dog’s breath greatly. Chopping up a parsley and mint blend and adding it to their food will cut down on their breath issues. An important factor to take note when preparing mint for your dog is to stay away from any mint species that is considered English or UK pennyroyal. This will cause vomiting, diarrhea, and if enough is ingested—then a trip to the vet! Purchasing parsley and mint from the store or local farmers market are great places to make sure you are getting what you intend to get. If Fido isn’t fond of eating these leafy greens from his bowl, turning it into a infused breath spray is the next best alternative. Simply boil the parsley and mint down in a pot of water to absorb and infuse the water. Let it cool and pour into a spray bottle. Congratulations, you’ve just made your own doggie breath spray.

    The Amazing Power of Dog Treats

    The wave of fresh breath doesn’t have to be a hassle to obtain. Your pet’s bad breath can be a thing of the past. There are so many products on the market that freshen breath for your pets. The trick is knowing which ones to get. Many of us pet-lovers have bought those little dental sticks and dog biscuits that have been formulated to promote fresh breath. They come in all funky shapes and designs, claiming to brush the teeth and freshen the breath simultaneously. The most effective teeth and breath cleaners come in a more durable form. Think about it. How can a little chewy treat that is consumed in a matter of minutes REALLY provide clean teeth and fresh breath? In most cases, they are consumed before they ever get to effectively brush your teeth. The effectiveness of rawhides is becoming more and more popular. Rawhides are extremely efficient at removing built up plaque in conjunction with promoting healthy fresh breath in your furry friend.

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      Never Miss Furry Cuddle Time Again

      By now, you should have learned some signs to keep an eye out for in order to fight off that alarming bad breath. We have also learned a few tips to take advantage of, to eliminate that stench for good! Don’t miss out on giving your furry pal the attention and love it deserves. Get proactive and take control. Fight your pet’s bad breath today!

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