Become Our Brand Ambassador

 Want to get paid while hanging out with your pets? Is social media a huge part of your life? Do you have a decent following? 

Pet Magasin is looking for a few people that are interested in becoming Brand Ambassadors. It’s the perfect gig for people who spend a lot of quality time with their pets. Basically, people who love to take photos of their pets. Whether you’re a 20 something skipping class, a mom toting the kids to the resort, or a diehard dog trainers, this role could be perfect for you.

What’s required from you

First, you need to love pets. Then, create content to be used on social media, the blog, emails and stuff like that. We are looking for authentic content, the stuff you’re probably already posting. We might send you some products and ask you to give a review in your own words. Maybe shoot a quick video of yourself using the product. We’ll probably ask you to post about events and promotions is putting on.

What you’ll get

First dibs on new pet products. An incredible discount 10% Rebate on ANY ORDER from Pet Magasin. Also, every time you refer a customer our way, we'll pay you a percentage of the sale. Our system have five-tier level so you can EARN so much more if you begin today!