How to send emails to your entire contract with gmail

On this page i will show you how to send emails to entire contacts on your gmail with a few clicks. 

First of All, log in to your account. On the right hand side, click on the google ads icon. Find contract icon as highlighted below, if you can't find it click "more" or "even more".  


Once you are in the contacts app, select "All Contacts" on the right hand side. Click select one contract. Google will show you the option to select all contracts on your list. Google limits number of receivers per email, so i suggest to select 200 contracts at the time only. Then add to group ( see photos)


The "add to group" icon is usually in the middle (take a look below). Click "new group" then name it as "Buyers Group". All people added in will be in Buyers Group. Now thing is getting easy. Let's go back to your gmail to compose an email for your group.

Click "Compose". In the BCC, type in Buyers Group, google will show all emails in the list. 


Good! Now you can send one email to entire contacts. This instruction is for Pet Magasin Affiliate Program. If you haven't signed up yet, you can sign up at the link here